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What scholarly topics and themes in your region call for cross-region comparison and dialogue?

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 7:25pm

I found this image of the Bogazici academics (source here) who moved their protesting from the rector's office to Zoom to be very powerful and indicative of successfully shifting tactics as the COVID situation in Turkey turned into full lock-down. I'm curious if there was any political convenience in the move to lock-down? In Kenya, the fact that the presidental elections are looming large (already, in advance of 2022 elections) and that particular areas (for example, the area that has traditionally always been for the opposition party) have been put on full lock-down (and other locations are not) is politically expedient...

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What political developments and formations (varied colonialisms, fundamentalisms and parochialisms, for example) set the stage for STS in your region?

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 7:15pm

I found this image in this news article particularly notable because it ran counter to what I was expecting. The wide-spread (and valid, in my opinion) critique I am used to is that local universities have become caught within imperialist, neoliberal regimes of power. But to see this caricature image which the news article reports as: "Melih Bulu's Counsel Volkan Gazioğlu shared a caricature depicting Boğaziçi University academics putting up an American flag on the university's iconic lawn in their robes, the implication being that the protests were foreign-funded" was particularly striking because it was the university turning the usual critique back against the protesting students.

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