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Friday, August 14, 2020 - 11:10pm

deutero [reflective/learning capacity]: How are people and organizations denoting and worrying about the phenomena you study?

Individuals/citizens are concerned and spreading information about which masks to wear, what are masks effective in combating COVID-19, are masks even effective, why wear a mask, their rights in not wearing a mask, how masks are a ploy in kidnapping children, what information about masks is effective, and many more questions around the existence of masks during the pandemic. Within this broad category, this could be specified more by identifying different types of citizens (e.g. teachers, essential workers, immunity deficient individuals, etc.)

Local and federal government officials and agencies are concerned about the above but also about the implementation (or not) of mask wearing. How to share true facts about masks, and how to use masks in order to make a safer nation. 

Researchers and scholars are similar to the above two concerns, but they can look at these mask issues in a more granular and/or conceptual lens such as how to actually scale the production of masks, proving the efficacies of specific mask types, and how masks have altered society’s way of life.

meta [dominant discourses]: What discourses constitute and circulate around the phenomena you study? Where are there discursive risks and gaps?

  • Social pressures to protect fellow citizens by wearing or not wearing a mask.
  • Outrage at mandates in public and private spaces that require mask-wearing.
  • Efficacy of masks, in general and across borders

macro [law, political economy]: What laws and economies undergird and shape the power the phenomena you study?

Local and federal mandates to enforce mask-wearing or controlling the “article of clothing” that citizens are required to wear in order to conduct their daily personal 

meso [organizations]: What organizations are implicated in the phenomena you study? What geopolitics are in play?

Local and federal government agencies, essential institutions (e.g. hospitals, food service, etc.), businesses/business owners and workers. 

On a larger scale, this influences international affairs in travel and business, which affects the political relationships between citizens and government agencies between borders. Travel was ubiquitous prior to the pandemic and now that there is segregation due to the fear of virus spread, this shuts down opportunity, communication, and more that many people and organizations have been accustomed to in order to continue their standard expectations.

bio [bodies]: What are the bodily effects of the phenomena you study? 

All parts of the human and animal biology that is affected by coronavirus directly or indirectly. That is, physical and mental.

micro [practices]: What (labor, reproductive, communicative) practices constitute and are animated by the phenomena you study? 

All labor carried out by essential workers. This includes but is not limited to postal service, retail, food supply and service, medical care, the divide between those employed and having been able to build the skills to work remotely or not. 

nano [language, subjectivity]: What kinds of subjects are produced by and imbricated in the phenomena you study? 

Unsure about this one. Wil need to develop the research more in order to address this.

edxo [education and expertise]: What modes of expertise and education are imbricated in the phenomena you study? 

  • Fabrication of masks. Creating and using documentation on how to make and use masks that are effective to regulations
  • Understanding of the nature of the aerosol spread of the virus

data [data infrastructure]: What data, infrastructure, analytic and visualization capabilities account for and animate the phenomena you study? 

  • Any maps, graphs, and statistics about the spread of the virus in specific geolocations
  • Documentation of fabricating mask types
  • Data and visualizations of how the virus spreads and the effectiveness of masks

techno [roads, transport]: What technical conditions produce and delimit the phenomena you study? 

The reliance of proprietary social media platforms in order to spread information about the use, efficacy, need, or fight against masks in order to address the pandemic.

eco-atmo [ecology, climate]: What ecological and climatic conditions situate the phenomena you study? 

Besides the virus as a biological condition, there are unproven theories that the cause of the virus and the spread are due to ecological and climatic areas of understanding.

geo [earth systems]: What geological formations, contaminations, resources and scarcities ground the phenomena?

The basic resources that construct masks, not just the mask object itself, but all other resources that are included in the supply and demand life cycle of masks.

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