Nan Ding Annotations

What word has notable force for you? How could its force(s) be redirected?

Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - 1:10am

“You must hide all emotions, science. if you want to be successful in the discipline world. You can’t afford to be emotional; you can’t be kind to all of them! Only one theory can explain all Let the scientist compete. Be unpredictable and leave the scientist anxious and paranoid. That’s how you make them men.”

It is surprising how many emotions, violent and strong emotions sometimes, are involved in science. "A feeling of the organism," "love vs hatred," "aggression, control," "obsessive-compulsive..."  which are hard to find when you read a scientific journal but it's there embedded in the discipline. The paradox that scientists are supposed to be objective when presenting results while they are required to be passionate when they are doing the research seems to be intriguing. 

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