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August 20, 2018
  • “What aspects of knowledge lie outside the realm of monetarisation” (8)

  • “Beyond a knowledge politics of ‘cognitive justice’ and the TMTM that bear such a burden in the global race for World Intellectual Property and patents, could the possibilities for intellectual debate expand if the questions posed under the troubled banner of indigenous knowledge are reimagined as a debate about intellectual heritage, including that of modernity? Would publics find new spaces for re-tooling criticism and innovation?” (8)

  • “Once one recognises the language of indigenous knowledge as a resistant appropriation of the language of difference, and that it is not solely the  dvancement of interests that is at stake but an interest in the possibility of different worlds other than those defined by the Cartesian dualisms (mind–body, nature–culture, and so on), it becomes possible to escape the paralysis of a debate confined to whether or not ‘indigenous knowledge’ is a ‘thing’ that is or is not ‘real’.” (5)

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