Angela's Project + "STS in Africa"


This orals essay focuses on understanding the themes and topics that social scientists studying Science and Technology in Africa have been working on. I am particularly interested in studying the data practices of these scholars and how they describe their own and others’ data practices. This understanding is important as the milieu for the project. What are the data norms and practices of social scientists working in and with science and technology sectors on the African continent? While the scholars covered in the essay are not necessarily those I will interact with for my own fieldwork, many operate within the same scholarly circles and discursive frameworks as my own interlocutors. By understanding how these scholars have conceptualized and written about data practices -- both their own and also others, I will be better prepared to develop my research instruments and lead discussions about data with social scientists in Kenya.


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August 3, 2018 - 6:03pm

Critical Commentary

AO: This artifact explains in brief why I decided to focus on science and technology studies in/on African contexts as part of my comprehensive orals examination and how it pertains to my dissertation project.


Angela Okune

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