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Anna-Lena Rüland
PhD Candidate
Leiden University
Faculty of Science
Science Based Business

Since January 2021, I am a PhD candidate working on an European Research Council-funded project on “International Scientific Consortia” (INSCONS) at Leiden University. In my research, I study the “processual” aspects of the formation and development of International Scientific Consortia in their broader cultural-political environment. I am particularly interested in studying contention in such consortia and examining the role of marginalized stakeholder groups within them. By training, I am a political scientist with a specialization in area studies, international relations and science diplomacy. I would be extremely interested to collaborate with others interested in North-South research collaboration and Big Science projects.


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September 27, 2021 - 1:20am

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This is my collaboration bio as of 26th of September, 2021. I created this artifact to share with fellow participants in advance of the 6S pre-conference workshop. The full essay of collaboration bios can be found here.


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