Cecilia Passanti. Completed Biosketch 2040.


Is now august 2020, summertime, I am dreaming about the future in 2040.

After several decades of wandering, I have finally found a home. I teach a digital state anthropology course at university in Italy or in a warm country with the sea and the wind nearby. Why are there no STS research labs in the South? Why are there no faculties by the sea where you can surf?

I founded a research laboratory branched out across Italy: fourteen regions fourteen laboratories anchored to the ground. The STS are at the service of local knowledge on infrastructure, the environment, pollution, ill-health, and well-being. The STS serve the knowledge that ordinary people seek to read their lives. They look for it and do not find it because it is kept hidden because it stinks (industries). But they smell it anyway, so they ask questions that remain unanswered.


I have put ten people per laboratory to work for a total of 120 people including doctoral students, post-doctoral students, tenured researchers, a director and a communication officer. A beautiful job dreams to feed a Developer's dream: putting my PhD girlfriends who work in the supermarket to work, the work must not feel like work it have to feel more like life.


The labs goal is to give back the knowledge that people need to live in the natural and chemical Italian society of our century. That knowledge that has been taken away from them by a couple of centuries of policies that distance people from the public, private, underground (soil and marine life) and aboveground (air, atmosphere and wind).


From my thesis on voting technologies, I got a love for democracy discourse. How they wield the weapon of dual technology: participating and being represented, delegating the most important thing one has to parliament: knowing, being able to know, and acting in the world by changing its infrastructure. Today my compatriots are afraid to touch society and its materiality, everything is of the negligent and silent state. I would like to bring the politics of matter back among the people.



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August 11, 2022 - 6:43am

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This is my completed Biosketch 2040

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