Chasing innovation- Making entrepreneurial citizens in modern India





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May 11, 2019 - 5:50pm

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this is a recent book by a forieghn scholar on indian entrepreneurialism  and how it is defining the neo liberal economy in the diverse socio-cultural and class context in india. it also analyses how  the contextual understanding of traditionality of Bharath and  expertise oriented india. the book also maps out how Devolopment and progress are  definined as the decentralised responsiblity of citizen , which is an alternative to the old nehruvian paradigm were  state becomes the patron of devolopment and upliftment. she argues that each and every class of society with its members are expected to play their role in the discourse of devolopment by becoming enterprenaurs with the help of technological innovations. in one segment of book she quotes how an indian  expert in IT and IT enabled service believed in the idea that  technological innovation helps the indian rural youth to become  expertise  rather than benfeciaries of system. in short ,the book analyses how upliftment of poor along with creative freedom becoming one goal  along with economic proggress.  this complex procces and its contradictions are analysed by the author through her  couple of years of ethnography in indian cities and silicon valley

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