Indigenous People's Knowledge Claims

Hi Anneke,

Many thanks for your fun-to-read and interesting sketch.

While reading through your document, one particular paragraph stood out to me ("do my citations include relevant material by black etc."). In this section, it sounds like you feel insecure about citing potential indigenous resources because your supervisors have labeled them as "idealized" or "irrelevant". Personally, I find such statements by themselves quite problematic, even more so when they make you feel like you should not cite or further look into this type of literature.

Given your research focus on food practices, I would argue that indigenous people have a lot to contribute, especially concerning more traditional ways of cultivating crops and processing food. Obviously, I am not an expert on the topic and do not know your exact research question, but I think it is worth pursuing indigenious contributions to your research topic - despite what your supervisors have said.

Once you have a good idea of the literature which has been contributed by indigenous people you will be able to assess whether their knowledge claims are relevant and insightful for your research. Sidelining their voices without having looked into the literature properly could mean that you miss out on important and innovative insights.

I look forward to discussing this further during our workshop. 

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