Katie Ulrich. Completed Curating Borrowed Data Sketch.


Curating Borrowed Data

  1. Set of interview transcripts of sugarcane workers, state of São Paulo, 2015-16 (DataCETAS) - http://cetas.fct.unesp.br/. Questions: What is sugarcane to these workers? How do they express ideas of change (in terms of the sector, work, the cane, etc.)?
  2. The Society of Sugar and Alcohol Technicians of Brazil has conference proceedings and slide decks from many meetings throughout the year - http://www.stab.org.br/downloads.html (and there are many other similar sites with archives of conference slide decks). Questions: What different knowledge artifacts are embedded within these slide decks? How are ideas about sugarcane, biofuels, sustainability, etc. articulated through these slide decks (what metaphors, narratives, images, etc.)?
  3. Archive of issues of Revista Brasil Açucareiro since the 1930s - http://bndigital.bn.br/acervo-digital/brasil-acucareiro/002534. Questions: What sugarcane production strategies are articulated, and in response to what conditions? What has changed over the years in terms of narration/description of the sugarcane industry? In terms of content of such magazine issues?


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June 11, 2022 - 7:15pm


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June 11, 2022 - 7:17pm

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This is my completed sketch for Curating Borrowed Data.



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