Key event: Student protests and "Science Must Fall" (SA)


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August 6, 2018 - 4:15am

Critical Commentary

AO: Lesley Green mentioned this video in our phone interview as helping to "underscore more than anything how important science studies is in Africa." This video was taken up widely by the public (over 1 million views) and largely not taken seriously ("how dare you take on Isaac Newton, etc.") even though there were really interesting sets of questions that were opened up like if an equation is the only way to know gravity. Science studies was radically defeated in this moment but the video demonstrates how critically important proper science studies is. Because, Lesley notes: "if we would have had science studies better established in SA, the 2nd year student would have been able to give a much more articulate expression of the critique that she was trying to make. and her broad critique was/is really important, valid and needs to be heard."

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