Kim Fernandes - Completed Curating Borrowed Data Sketch


this indian law search engine provides a range of court judgements, from courts at different levels - for my project, i have found access to supreme court and high court judgements most helpful. i approached this site with the following questions: how do court judgements determine how disability comes to be legally defined? in the absence of/in addition to certification, what role can/do court judgements play in changing how disability is understood by the law?

the library at the wellcome collection, both in-person and online, has been focused on the history of health and medicine. for my project, i have found it helpful to visit this collection and think about bodily alterity as a framework through which disability is approached, understood and catalogued for archival purposes. i approached this site with the following questions: what words/terms/phrases preceded the current concept of disability in south asia? what sources shaped the pathways through which these terms traveled?

  • library searches for the terms disability certificate

although i do not include a specific link here, i am thinking of my searches at the penn library as leading to an archive (one that i see as not fully collected at one location, but more so one i have been curating for my project) of medical commentary on disability and how it is understood by different medical professionals. for my project, i have found it helpful to look at medical writing on the disability certificate to situate when and how a person comes to be thought of as disabled. i approached these searches with the following questions: what trends do medical professionals notice in the ways disability certificates are issued? how does this differ across types of disability, and across different parts of india?


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June 13, 2022 - 2:00am


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June 21, 2022 - 12:24pm

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This is my completed sketch for Curating Borrowed Data, for the 6S 2022 Workshop #2.



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