The main text of Ant Network Theory is composed of three SF stories, whereas the endnotes are the notes of "two time-traveling scholars writing from an unspecified far future, at a time when other beings rule the planet. They are using references from STS scholarship and SF that are more familiar, from our own time, in order to speak to us, even if the necessity to traverse multiple temporalities through simple language to express the Ant Network Theory (ANT) on occasion produces spatiotemporal anomalies." (26) The two time-traveling scholars, reflections of Chattopadhyay and Bowker, draw from and contribute to multiple bodies of literature, including that of SF. They are inspired by SF thought experiments featuring insects, for instance, also those where "species" is an even more blurry concept than it already is. Concerning the STS literature, they indeed allude to the Actor-Network Theory but this is not an ANT text by any means. Instead, this is a text that plays with "networks" based on the premises of non-anthropocentrism and planetarity. Therefore, I would argue that it contributes to multispecies STS, the literature on anthropocentrism and the Anthropocene. 

* Not all the references in the text are "real" by current academic standards––some of the literature that this text draws on and contributes to is (science) fictional.


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