Mestizo Knowledge: Mixing identities from/above the existence of Chilean STS

A community of researchers and practitioners in science, technology and society studies in Chile (CTS-Chile) continue to shape the STS studies in their land, based on mixed identities, ideas, and institutions. Its origins, traditions, and particularities have evolved and begun to be institutionalized in the academic context, publications, and research centers. This exhibit focuses on how there is a mestizo institutionalized form, what is left outside or inside, and how STS studies are enacted in institutional and identity spaces. For example, with the establishment of the first STS MSc program, or with the artifacts of the internal networks such as the STS History LAB and the Energy and Society Nucleus. However, we must not decontextualize this interest in discussing science and technology issues, in Latin American, rooted into local and global networks that have influenced their situated and mestizo development. Particularly, as a formation of critical and transdisciplinary thinking in the oscillation among extremes. We seek to inquire: What knowledge and technologies have enabled the emergence of institutionalized STS studies in Chile? How the academic infrastructures innovate on previous conceptions of academic society blended on institutionalized national STS? The exhibition will be through the inscription of different STS artifacts in Chile, such as books, graduate programs, papers, and academics reports, will uncover the challenges in institutionalizing STS in Chile and their mestizo singularity.

Substantive Logic

Mestizo Knowledge: Mixing identities from/above the existence of Chilean STS members