Seismology, Practices, and Networks



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July 19, 2018 - 8:53pm

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Seismology, Practices, and Networks : An Anthropological Study of Seismographic Observation in Turkey(<Special Theme>Anthropology of Science and Technology)
Author: Shuhei Kumura
Keywords: Anthropology of sciences, Seismology, Turkey, Accommodation, Networks
Though it has been said that anthropologists do their fieldwork at places far removed from science and technology, during fieldwork we recognize that any community where anthropologists go has already been "polluted" by science and technology. Now it can be said that science and technology are an essential part of our everyday life. Under such circumstances, this paper attempts to describe them anthropologically. Generally speaking, an anthropological approach to science and technology can assume two forms: one is to describe their influence on social life, and the other is to tackle directly the fields where they are is produced. My approach is the latter. This paper analyzes the process of scientific knowledge production at a seismographic observatory in Istanbul. 

* The full English abstract is available at the end of the PDF file.

This article is a part of a special issue: Anthropology of Science and Technology (ed. Kimio Miyatake), 2007 Bunkajinruigaku 71 (4)





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