Sketch A Session Logistics

We will hold this sketch's live workshop on October 5, 2021 at 8 PM EST.

All participants who submit their sketch via this form by September 24th will receive an email with the Zoom link to attend the session.

Join the 6S Slack channel for any further discussion here.

Instructions: Round 2

Once all participants have completed their sketches, we will now complete a round of elaborative peer review, that is to say, engaging each other's work to elaborate and develop new collaborative ties. This kind of friendly "review-for-building-new-relations" is intended to serve a generative function rather than a disciplining function.

Choose one or two of your peer responses from the below list of submissions (will be available after Sept 27th).
 Review your peers' material. After reviewing, click the "Annotate" button under their artifact and select the "6S Elaborative Peer Review" questions to provide feedback on their responses.

During the Session:

Contributors will determine the structure and content of the zine. This means collectively deciding:


What will the zine feature? Will it be a collection of ‘greatest’ pieces curated from the pre-workshop submissions? What will be the overarching theme(s)?


How will contributors democratically decide the structure, flow, and content of the zine? Will the zine be broken into different sections? Will it include an introduction and/or table of contents? Will it be digital/analog?


What role (if any) should design play in the creation of the zine? What will be the general aesthetics of the zine, including graphics, colour scheme, font(s) and/or typefaces, as well other design elements.

Instructions: Round 1

By Sept 24th:

1) Craft a short piece on one of the four general themes:

- Collaboration Across Scales and Milieus, especially since COVID-19;

- Doing STS, Doing Non-Extractive Research;

- Zines as sites for telling small, local stories in/during crisis;

- Positionality, Collaboration, and Participatory Politics;

- The Politics and Poetics of Zines.

Contributions can be a short piece of writing (e.g., prose, poetry, a ‘news’ brief, a manifesto); an image, drawing, or comic; mixed- or multimedia collages; a recipe or instruction guide; and so forth. Together, pieces will be added to an online repository, or “scrapbook,” for gathering ideas in advance of our 6S Sketch Workshop.

2) Save as a PDF with your name and submit here.