We will hold this sketch's live workshop on October 5, 2021 at 9 AM EST.

All participants who submit their sketch via this form by September 24th will receive an email with the Zoom link to attend the session.

Join the 6S Slack channel for any further discussion here.

Instructions: Round 2

Once all participants have completed their sketches, we will now complete a round of elaborative peer review, that is to say, engaging each other's work to elaborate and develop new collaborative ties. This kind of friendly "review-for-building-new-relations" is intended to serve a generative function rather than a disciplining function.

Choose one or two of your peer responses from the below list of submissions (will be available after Sept 27th).
 Review your peers' material. After reviewing, click the "Annotate" button under their artifact and select the "6S Elaborative Peer Review" questions to provide feedback on their responses.

Instructions: Round 1

By Sept. 24th, complete the sketch below and submit as a PDF with your name via this form.

1) Respond to the following writing prompts designed to open up thinking about what collaborative infrastructuring means, and then read and annotate fellow participants’ own reflections. These prompts are meant to merely start the conversation, so participants are also welcome to elaborate on any other ideas they have on the topic:

  1. How would you define a collaborative infrastructure? What is its purpose? How does it function? Where is it located? What’s the difference between an infrastructure, generally, and a collaborative infrastructure? How might we push and extend such definitions beyond what we might immediately think?

  2. What are ways that you’ve collaborated with other STS scholars already? Can you imagine building some sort of infrastructure from or out of these practices?

6S is helping to create a database of collaborative STS infrastructures around the world, so people can look up centers, working groups, labs, etc. that are near them or relevant to their work. Do you already know of some existing collaborative STS infrastructures? Submit them to the database here! And/or, try to identify a few by looking online, on Twitter, etc., and feel free to add them to the database as well. You can use whatever definition you crafted in Question 1 in deciding what counts as a collaborative STS infrastructure. Also feel free to include mention of these infrastructures in your submitted sketch response so we can build a discussion around them during the live workshop discussion.