TEKPOL: PhD Program


Doctoral Program in Science and Technology Policy Studies

Understanding technological change entails developing a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach which is critical in designing and implementing appropriate science and technology policies.

Ph.D. Program in Science and Technology Policy Studies is an interdisciplinary program, which includes affiliated faculty members and instructors coming from different fields, such economics, administrative sciences, engineering, sociology, history, philosophy, communication and cultural studies. The program has a particular focus on scientific research and policy-making in the fields of technological change and innovation processes. This is well reflected in the titles of completed dissertation projects (in between 2011-2016).*

The educational objectives and outcomes are listed on the website as follows:

Educational objectives

The graduates of Science and Technology Policy Studies PhD program;

  • can work as an academician or researcher at higher education institutions in Turkey and abroad. 
  • can work as a chief expert, coordinator, and director at the science, technology and innovation policy units in the related public and autonomous institutions.
  • can work as a coordinator or director in the technology management and strategy departments of private companies.

Educational outcomes 

Upon completion of the PhD program our students,

  • will gain an interdisciplinary perspective to analyze and conduct research on the economic and social consequences of technological progress.
  • will gain the competence to develop and implement harmonious science, technology and innovation strategies and policies. 
  • will acquire conceptual and methodological knowledge to design long-term science, technology, and innovation policy.
  • will have the knowledge to carry out academic research and teach on topics related to science, technology, and innovation.
  • will gain the necessary conceptual, methodological and applied knowledge to carry out the impact assessment of science, technology and innovation policies. 

Students have to complete the coursework (4 core, 3 elective courses), take the qualifier exam and write a dissertation to graduate. The required courses include: 

  • Innovation, Technology and Economic Development   
  • Technology and Industrial Strategy  
  • Technology, Society and Culture   
  • Research Methods and Analytical Techniques      

For other courses offered in the program, the list is here.

*The graduate dissertations can be reached via the Middle East Technical University Library. Dissertations in post-2000 era can also be reached in soft copy format available from the library. The graduate thesis can also be obtained electronically from the Higher Education Council Dissertation Bank (https://tez.yok.gov.tr/UlusalTezMerkezi/giris.jsp). 



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August 8, 2018 - 11:55am

Critical Commentary

This text provides a general overview of the doctoral program in "Science and Technology Policy Studies" at the Middle East Technical University Graduate School of Social Sciences. This educational program is closely linked to the Research Center for Science and Technology Policies (TEKPOL).


text developed on the basis of TEKPOL website as well as the document entitled "Corporate CV (2009-2017)", which is available through its website.



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