Wachira Ndaiga on Future Directions of STS in Africa


Wachira Ndaiga (July 2018): "Given governmental support, I believe the growing interest in off-grid energy solutions evidenced by the growth of companies like Mkopa and Mobisol could prove to be a viable direction. The moderately high availability of ideal energy harvesting conditions through large parts of the specified regions bodes well for the sector especially given the current trend towards sustainable sources. Additionally, the need for effective service provision at various governmental levels will fuel interest in scalable low-cost technologies such as low-bandwidth distributed sensor and communication networks, the effective deployment of which will require advanced knowledge of distributed network topologies. In the main, the key theme would be distributed technologies as they confer lower cost and maintenance overheads than currently centralised systems do while providing improved system robustness. This would also need new considerations around the ethics and legalities of such deployments."


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August 5, 2018 - 5:06pm

Critical Commentary

AO: This excerpt from Wachira Ndaiga's response to the survey related to STS in Africa highlights his thoughts on future directions for STS in Africa and helps to answer the STS Across Borders' analytic question: "How is the future of this STS formation envisioned?"

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