2020 Nov 30. Transcript of an Audio Clip on Contextualizing the iHub.

Transcript of Audio Clip Recorded November 30, 2020

Leo Mutuku:

Yeah, so the one thing I would want to avoid is thinking that the iHub... Like it's a part of the technology story...but as you said, it's only like, especially the work we did, it's only five...Read more

Data Index for "Placing STS in and Through Turkey"

Alkan, Aybike. 2019. “Infiltrating STS Inside the Walls of STS-Free Institutions.” Text. Distributed by Engaging Science, Technology, and Society . STS Infrastructures (Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography)....Read more

2020 Dec 07. Transcript of Audio Clip on NGO-ization

Transcript of Audio Clip Recorded December 7, 2020

Angela Okune:

So in a version--basically I got feedback on the blog post that I had shared you that you said you got the chance to look at--I also revised that and submitted it as a paper. And so the professor...Read more


Transcript of Audio Clip Recorded December 7, 2020

Leo Mutuku:

No, no, no, like, TVETs [Technical Vocational Education and Training colleges] have gone through like these periods of importance and emphasis and that's important to emphasize....Read more

Table S1: Full item wording

In the study by Sample et al. (2022), most rehabilitation professionals reported that they had little or no prior knowledge of brain-computer interfaces. For this reason, the specific wording used to introduce brain-computer interfaces, as well as the wording of subsequent question about ethics...Read more

ESTS Data Availability Statement Guidance for 6S Sketch Prompt

Engaging Science, Technology, and Society Journal

Data Availability Statement Guidance

Version 2.0 - Last Updated: March 10, 2022

If you are submitting source data to Engaging...Read more

Appendix D: Participant experiences

This document includes a description of the research participants’ experiences coming into the course, and their changing views of science and science studies.

Find the other data linked ...Read more

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