Latin America

Publishing Latin American STS Studies Outside the Region: Visibility, Themes and Theoretical Perspectives

Noella Invernizzi, Universidade Federal do Parana

Over the last decade STS studies have expanded in Latin America. Concomitantly, science policy and evaluation methods in universities in the region have stimulated the...Read more

Latin American science, technology, and society: a historical and reflexive approach

Pablo Kreimer and Hebe Vessuri track the emergence and development of STS in Latin America beginning in the 1960s. Read more

Are we eating the cannibal? Provincializing STS from Latin America

Pablo Kreimer, CONICET

Some approaches, speaking about "postcolonial STS" are discovering the "failures" of the broad constructivist model (ANT, coproductionists, Third wave proponents, etc.) that became practically dominant...Read more

Latin American STS Agendas: Main Bibliographic References

South–North migrations (and the so-called “brain drain”)

Babalchevski, Elizabeth, and Marques, Fabricio. 2009., “Fuga de cerebros en Brasil: los costos públicos del errado entendimiento de una realidad académica...Read more

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