STS Across Borders

From Politics to Academics: Political Activism and the Emergence of Science and Technology Studies in South Korea

This 2014 article by Mathieu Quet and Marianne Noel link South Korean political activism and STS reflections from the 70s and 80s to the growth of academic STS in the 90s. Comparisons are made to similar developments in Europe and the US. Read more

Discovering Distinctive East Asian STS: An Introduction

Ruey-Lin Chen introduces the 2011 special issue of EASTS that asks whether and how East Asian STS might be distinctive from STS practiced in the West.Read more

Reviewing March's Vision

In this article, Donncha Kavanagh employs archival reserach, oral history, and secondary sources to recount the initial conditions and inspirations behind Jim March's radically unorthodox School of Social Sciences at the University of California Irvine.Read more

Book Review: STS Handbook, 4th edition

This review of the handbook is both good/positive and critical of the low number of authors from outside the US and Europe.Read more

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