STS in Africa

Lachenal, Guillaume. 2017. The Lomidine Files: The Untold Story of a Medical Disaster in Colonial Africa. JHU Press.

Abstract: "After the Second World War, French colonial health services, armed with a newly discovered drug, made the eradication of sleeping sickness their top priority. A single injection of Lomidine (known as Pentamidine in the United States) promised to protect against infection for...Read more

Angela Okune on the future directions of STS in Africa

Angela Okune (June 6, 2018): I think that future research related to science and technology in/from/on Africa should look at research infrastructures, that is, the technical, legal, political, economic and social infrastructures that have been and are being established to produce...Read more

Traynor, Cath, and Laura Foster. 2017. “Principles and Practice in Open Science: Addressing Power and Inequality through ‘Situated Openness.’” OCSDNET (blog). October 5, 2017.

AO: This blog post on the Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network (OCSDNet)'s blog looks at situated openness in South Africa and suggests that "Community-researcher contracts" could be a tool to enable local communities, in particular, indigenous peoples, to negotiate with...Read more

Tichenor, Marlee. 2017. “Data Performativity, Performing Health Work: Malaria and Labor in Senegal.” Medical Anthropology 36 (5): 436–48.

AO: In this 2017 paper by Marlee Tichenor, she uses the concept of data performativity to examine the ways that the data production incorporated into the local fight against malaria in Senegal is conditioned by preconceived ideas of the public health problem of malaria and how these ways to...Read more

Poon, Linda. 2015. “Can A New Ban On Witchcraft Protect The Albinos Of Tanzania?” NPR.Org.

AO: This 2015 article in NPR's Goats and Soda series includes quotes by Stacey Langwick and exemplifies how the work of STS scholars' travels beyond the university. Langwick notes: "The term [witch doctor] is a broad, misleading — and somewhat condescending — way to refer to traditional...Read more

Sasso, Anne. 2007. “Jarita Holbrook: Guiding Star.” Science, June.

AO: This 2007 article that appeared in Science about Jarita Holbrook highlights her studies of indigenous African astronomy. Holbrook is quoted as saying: "There is a history of sky-watching all over the world, but the way that we teach astronomy is only Newton and Galileo and...Read more

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