TEKPOL: Conditions

1990s in the World and in Turkey

The following developments highlighted below shed light on the external conditions affecting the establishment of TEKPOL through the end of the 1990s:

Infiltrating STS Inside the Walls of STS-free Institutions

Haldun Özaktaş is an academic in the field of electrical engineering who started to teach the course “Science, Technology, Society” at Bilkent University, in 1995. This course is the first introductory STS course given in a university in Turkey, and it is still on the engineering curricula as a...Read more

Seismology, Practices, and Networks
Seismology, Practices, and Networks : An Anthropological Study of Seismographic Observation in Turkey(<Special Theme>Anthropology of Science and Technology)
Author: Shuhei Kumura...Read more
Fragmented Past

This poster was created as part of An Archaeology of STS in Turkey, an STS Across Borders gallery collection at the 4S 2018 annual meeting in Sydney, Australia.

This poster helps to answer the shared ...Read more

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