Aalok Khandekar


Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad


Assistant Professor


I am Assistant Professor of Anthropology/ Sociology at Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad. My work is at the intersection of Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Cultural Anthropology, with an interest in understanding and facilitating critical collaboration within various Humanities and Social Science disciplines and between HSS fields and the sciences, engineering, and beyond. I also participate in the design and development of the Platform for Experimental and Collaborative Ethnography (PECE) which is an attempt to create an open source (Drupal-based) digital infrastructure to enable multi-sited, cross-scale, and collaborative ethnographic and historical research. I currently serve as Managing Editor of STS Across Borders (the digital platform for SAB runs as one instance of the PECE platform), a new initiative launched by the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) aiming to showcase STS from different regions, diasporas, and genealogies by exploring different ways STS developed across time and space, and the structures, infrastructures, and systems that have allowed–or worked against–the cultivation of STS modes of thinking.