María P. Angel


40 West 86th Street - Apt 15C
United States


Ph.D. Candidate


I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Washington School of Law. I define myself as a privacy researcher, working at the intersection of Law & Technology and Science, Technology, and Social Studies (STS). My current research is focused on: i) the evolution of the concept of privacy in American legal scholarship and ii) the legal construction/co-production of technology. This year I have been conducting archival analysis of the pool of papers presented at the Privacy Law Scholars Conferences (PLSC) between 2008 and 2020. In addition, I plan to conduct semi-structured interviews of a purposely drawn representative sample of the American privacy legal scholars who authored those papers. Based on this, I am trying to propose and develop the following two theoretical concepts: privacy’s algorithmic turn and privacy scholars’ techno-legal imaginaries. I currently work as a Research Assistant at the UW Tech Policy Lab and am part of the Editorial Staff of the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts. Prior to starting my Ph.D., I was an action researcher at the Transparency and Privacy area of the Colombian think-and-do tank Dejusticia. Besides research, I have experience in advocacy, public interest litigation, and leadership of capacity-building activities. More information about my research can be found here.