Richard Tutton


Department of Sociology
Wentworth College - University of York
YO10 5AY
United Kingdom


Senior Lecturer


My research interests are in Science and Technology Studies (STS) and the Sociology of the Future. I focus on how collectively shared imaginaries of possible futures are produced, resisted and contested through social and cultural practices. I was a co-investigator on the ESRC funded ‘Austerity Futures’ project (2012-2014), a key output from which was a special issue that I co-edited with Dr Rebecca Coleman (Goldsmiths) for The Sociological Review called ‘Futures in Question’ (2016). Currently, I am studying the role of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in articulating visions for the future of humanity and the Earth, which purport to offer solutions to the environmental problems caused by global capitalism. My current monograph in preparation critically examines contemporary notions of ‘futurelessness’ and explores the contribution of critical social science to enhancing the possibilities for achievable alternative futures. A primary focus of this book will be on debates about climate change futures and the Anthropocene.