6S 2020 Workshop Collaborative Notes Documents


To facilitate documentation of the 6S 2020 workshop sessions, we have established one collaborative notes document per sketch. At the beginning of your session, please assign at least one person to lead on note-taking per group and enlist others in the session to also assist to take synchronous notes.

Links to all collaborative note docs here:

Sketch 1: Habits, Neuroses, Talents

Sketch 2: Across Scales and Systems

Sketch 3: Data Types

Sketch 4: Wishlist 2070

Sketch 5: Visualizing the “Point” of a Project

Sketch 6: Found Visualizations

Sketch 7: STS Beyond Academia


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July 20, 2020 - 3:03pm

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This artifact includes links to all collaborative note-taking documents for the 6S 2020 workshop.

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