Index of 6S 2020 Workshop Sketches


Participants in the 6S 2020 Workshop will work in advance on a series of research sketches that will be shared in our digital workspace, at After sketches are submitted, peers will provide elaborative reviews, guided by a set of shared questions that will generate comparisons and cross-talk. Below are links to materials that will be needed along the way:


Click through (on VIEW ESSAY) at the links below to see descriptions of the STS Research Sketches that workshop participants will complete before August 10, 2020. When you are ready to sketch, click ANNOTATE and select the question set for the sketch. Here is a video tutorial on how to annotate and additional annotation instructions.

Once sketches are submitted, workshop participants are asked to provide elaborative (generative, helpful) reviews of sketches submitted by at least one of their peers. Elaborative reviews will address these shared questionsFind the sketches you responded to by clicking on the shared questions below then scroll through to review your peers' responses. Identify one or two responses that resonate with you. To submit your review, click ANNOTATE here and select the question set for "Elaborative Peer Review." Again: here is an annotation video tutorial as well as additional annotation instructions.



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July 21, 2020 - 12:39pm

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This artifact links to all 6S 2020 workshop sketches and supplemental materials.

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