Workshop Session Logistics

We will hold this sketch's live workshop on August 17, 2020 at 12 PM EST.

All participants who annotate this essay by August 14th will receive an email with the Zoom link to attend the session.

Live notes will be taken on this documentPlease assign at least one note-taker for your session.

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6S Workshop Code of Conduct

For the 6S virtual workshop, we are utilizing the following code of conduct for online workshops and conferences developed by Eleanor Armstrong and Divya M. Persaud (both University College London), and originally used at the...Read more

PECE Collaboration Agreement

This is the PECE collaboration agreement that lays out the general ethos of working in PECE (the open source software that STS Infrastructures relies on).

In participating in PECE projects which includes 6S workshops, I recognize that:

1)...Read more

Instructions: Round 1

For this sketch, annotate this essay (here) with three images that you have collected or created that point to the point or hook of your study. These images should have potential to be on the cover of your book. Caption each image in order to explain them. For ideas, see Literary Hub’s compilation of best book covers and their 2019 selections. Also see memorable album covers.


Instructions: Round 2

Once all participants have completed their sketches, we will now complete a round of peer review. Click on this annotation question that was used for the sketch. Review your peers' materials and responses. After reviewing, click "Annotate" on the artifact below and select the 6S 2020 Elaborative Peer Review questions to provide feedback on your peers' responses.